Sean Ferns

Sean Ferns brings 35 years of practical experience and knowledge learned from holding a versatile and wide range of roles. Working in both the Public and private sectors, Sean has a demonstrated ability to be adaptable and versatile to the particular situation at hand.

Sean has worked for some Australia’s largest and successful companies such as Coles, Wooloworths, Holden’s engine Company, Various Security companies including Chubb.

He has worked as a National Pallet controller for Nylex Consumer as well as a secondment as the national logistics supervisor.

Specialising in a variety technical fields Sean is able to understand most computer systems and hardware, and if not fix it, source someone who can. Trouble shooting and problem solving is approached by his initial training in investigation.

Investigation is Sean’s most transferable skill, a career working in security and investigation for both the Government and private sector has prepared Sean of the importance of approaching every problem laterally, methodically and thoroughly before offering a solution or possible solutions…